Saturday, October 30, 2010

On Edge

My feelings about my final exams is really not so good.. I'm scared if i can't attain 3.00 for my CGPA. I really want 3.00 and above! I am so oppressed and recessive to obtain.. 

I'm so distraught. I can't believe that people who often absent from classes can have a great carry marks than me! Oh they did that way?? Fine..maybe i'm not really kind of genius, brilliant, smart, good, intelligent, capable, skillful, and bla bla bla..

I dah tak ada mood.. Tapi semangat harus kuat! I'm at part two for next semester and subjects is getting harder.. I needs someone who can get behind me.. I need John. But he's so busy with his rugby. I need my family but they're so busy with their own matters. i just own myself!

I don't know if i can cope with it or not. It's miracle if i got 3.00 or above for my CGPA, huh? 

I lost!

p/s: I missed my mom.. Al-fatihah..

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