Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog-ging. Jingle Jingle!

What is ur excitement during blogging?? Fun? Mind explore? Sharing ur days, ur thoughts or ur experience? To make friends? Or to have a loads of money??

I believe people would say "hey, i love blogging because i can earn loads of money!!!"

But for me, i like to give my expression into any situation. Such what i'm feel about a day, people, stuff, or anything. Besides, i can writing at will. (^_^)

I knew my blog was crappier and rubbish. None of best stories.

But, like other people say "hey, blog aku. Aku punya suka la"..

Yeah, it's true if u doesn't like others to read u. I love people who read me. I do! But i don't know how to write it well and don't know how to attract peeps too! Somebody, help me...!

I'd saw others blogs' who really have loads of followers. When i read a few of them..nahhh- it's not interesting! Just a few blog has victorious to makes me kept reading their blogs'. Serious shit, i doesn't know how do they make it. They constantly stories about their lovelife, their emotion, poem, and anything that makes me annoying. I'd do that but i'm not like so called to be like that. It's boring! Like i does. But then, how they can have many followers whereas i don't have much??

The answer i get:
Hey, u're not so friendly to comment others blogs'. Why not u try to left ur messages to their shoutbox. They will check on u back. Easy right? And no more peep who mumbling to me that why she does not earn more money. HAHAHA.

HU~ crap!

I replied:
I've a little time for my own and i don't have much time to leave a comment! Always in rush! Everything get rushed. Not just like u. Every second had always blogging. Say 'hi' here and there. That's why u have loads of followers and money.

Yeah, i'm defend myself.

So, for those who had read this, please give me a few tips "how to attract peeps to ur blog".

-Here, as much as this-

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