Friday, October 30, 2015

Something Pop-Up in My Mind

Mungkin aku garang
Tapi aku sayang

Aku sayang anak-anak buah aku walaupun kerap jugak la aku marah-marah diorang. Mungkin sebab aku garang, diorang patuh cakap aku.


I couldn't resist anything about them. Yeah, they're so adorable enough to make me feel good eventhough most of the time they were fought each other and making loud noise.

I love them so much!

Luthfi's spoke like an older people. He fluently to say anything but didn't knew how to say/told us when he went to loo. He say/told when he's done with any nature call in his diapers (yeah, he's getting 4 years old but still in diapers). 

His younger brother, Irfan, he's a bit tantrum about anything. He tried to wearing my flip flop but his foot not entered perfectly. He's getting angry and scream all over like someone has beaten his up. Hahaha!! 

For this time being, i'm living at Batu Pahat, Johor due to my confinement period. Just a month and i will return to KL at the end of November. 

It's not easy to being far from my husband and i'm getting use to it. Not long..just a more few weeks. 

Alhamdulillah, i'm getting better but still can't do any heavy housework. Still need a time to fully recover. 

Oh, i ate petai during my lunch and dinner! Long time i'm not eat that. So yummy!