Friday, November 13, 2015

Working Out

Last year, i had used a Freeletics regime workout for 2 months and i'd succeed 8kg body weight reduced. From 70kg to 62kg. I'd never been below than 50kg because my ideal is 55kg. Sekarang punya berat tak nak ceritalah sebab dah stop!

This regime is quite high intense and it gaining your muscles. Know what? I'd never ever figured that i had these muscles until i'd worked this regime out! 

It gaining my triceps, glutes, calves...and it still remained and i can feel it especially when i bend my arm, legs eventhough my fat getting thicken. 
Haih, i'd never used these muscles before until i'd did Freeletics.

Why i'd stop doing Freeletics?
Because i felt sooooooo freaking tired! Why? Because am not kind of eating clean person. Nasi lemak, nasi goreng, etc. i just ate. Hahah!

Freeletics had always sent inspirational stories, informations, tips through my email. I checked my email and i read those emails..and suddenly i just feel like...

I want to do it again!
I want to do my crazy aphrodites! My hera! My hades!
My burpees..i love you squat! I love you pull up! I love you my crazy high knees!


I need to wait for 5 months after my surgery. Maybe i could wait..don't know yet.

My doctor had said that i must lose weight to get pregnant again. I need to do this for having baby...

I think, i should.
No more thinking! It supposed, i should..i should do this for sake of my future baby..

And i do it for my health...

P/s: Freeletics application can be download at App Store.