Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a Goof!!

There are two things i want to telling you on this site.

I received an email from nuffnang and they said that they have noticed that certain groups have been enganging in click fraud. Yeah, it's always been happened on my blog. As u can see, they leave their messages at my ShoutBox to let me know that they viewing my blog and said "hey, please clicks my adds back!" and i never do as their requested because...i hate it! Looks like they want a publicity and get the nuff money growth fast! I knew they want take an advantage. Now, my blog going less ads. When my blog going less ads, so my money going growth slow! Yeah, SEMUA KERANA BAHANA KAU YANG GILA DUIT.

So please, don't u ever try to do that. For those who bound in, please BERTAUBAT. Win-win situation is the best in real. U get ur money. I get my money. Everybody get their money!

Esok jamuan hari raya. Pakai lawa-lawa.

So, tu je aku nak sampaikan.


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