Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Think

Hi! It's me. Blog owner, of course. Officially, i really don't have any good ideas for my blog entry. Blank.. Blur.. Grey.. Shut down.. No no. I'm not shut down yet. Tapi kena restart lebih siket. Well, I just did my housework and suddenly I just think about 'what do you want for your life, eka?'

Erm, I think that was my good topic for my blog entry, I guess. Let's try. Try to discussing this. Try to crappying it. Try to writing it.

What do I want for my life...?? So, what do I want? Here's, my lists.

1. I'm thirst for success and greatness. I want to be succeed. I want to be everything. I want to know everything. But, I knew..I can't have these just like that. So, I must make an effort. I must make a try and I must complete my studies no matter how hard it is. That's the same way for my good life after death.

2. I want my parents be happy and blessed with a good health.

3. MONEY. Money can make your wish comes true. If you wish for a big house, money can bring you to that home. If you wish for nice car, money can make you drive it! If you wish for super-intelligent gadget, money can make you looks genius! even though you don't know exactly how to use it. 

4. A perfect marriage. I want to be married. I want to be a great wife for my lovely husband. It's much more wonderful when you get married with a guy that you love and of course he's love you too. Also want to be a great mum for my children!

5. Doing business? Well, business makes you have loads of money isn't it? Erm, I'm not really rajin for doing marketing or sales or promoting or bla bla bla. So, forget it.

6. I want my own bookshelves. I have a loads of books and I don't know where I can put it. I won't sell my chick lit novel even though it will look so 'hey, banyak giler buku chick lit kau' because I'm addicted to read it. I love the persona of it style writing. My favorite, of course Sophie Kinsella and I do love her. Also Julia Cohern and Alexandra Potter!

So, tu je lah kut. Not much! Simple just like I am. Hidup ni kau tak boleh mengharap lebih. Tak boleh menginginkan lebih. Bila terlalu mengharap, mengingin, then tak dapat, kau jugak yang dissapointed nanti.

Still pointless entry aku kali ni. Content kurang and aku tak tahu nak buat apa lagi.

Better tidur.

Goodnite and babai.

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