Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank Allah


Tu yang mampu aku ucap bila ada orang yang perasan perubahan aku. Before, approximately on year 2010, i was lost 4kilos (64kilos) in just one month and i couldn't done it. Finally, my weight has increased again! 68kilos BACK... 


Now, i've lost 6kilos in just one month and half. It was my huge achievement to lose weight. My height is 154cm and my average weight must be between 50 - 54 kilos. You know, frame aku besar and sangat tak sesuai kalau berat 43 - 47kilos. Iye, badan aku quite bagung.. So, kau nak cakap apa kan?? 

Aku tak lah exercise sangat and aku tak lah diet sangat. I ate just like before but with small quantity. Aku still makan Kebab Kyros yang besar. Aku still makan mekdi. Aku still makan nasi goreng. Aku still makan nasi lemak. Aku still makan fried chicken pasar malam yang kulit garing. Aku still minum ice blended. Aku still jugak makan lontong goreng. BUT, i just take a SMALL meal and i DID NOT TOUCH any soft drink. 

And the most things that i really satisfied are...Herbalife. Highly efficient! But please be disciplined! Just to remind you, jika kau salah cara pengambilan, your weight will be GAIN and jangan nak mengada-ngada saman orang apesal berat kau naik padahal kau yang salah cara pengambilan untuk diri kau and please make sure you must be monitored by your Herbalife's Consultant. 

Now i'm trying to decreased 4kilos within one month. 

p/s: malu nak letak gambar...

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