Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"Yucks! Pink tu colour orang gedik okay.."
"I more prefer in black or red"

"Kenapa? Kan nice. Sweet la" He said.

My favourite quote bila Khairul tunjuk shirt colour pink. Hehe. Pity him..maybe he really want me wearing in pink shirts or pink blouses. But i don't. I can't wear it. I just can't. Not because of itchy allergic, just because it 'pink'!

But, that's a long time ago. Around 3 or 4 years ago.


It's karma! I start to like pink. Maybe semakin tua, semakin lembut kot jiwa nih. Haha! That's make me so pisses off.

"Hey, look at it"
Adding me when i holding a pink stuff. It seems like accessories.
"Comelnya colour pink..."

"Kata tak suka pink?" He said.

Gulp! Ok. I'm blushing.
"Yeah..true. It wasn't now"
Letak balik pink stuff tu.
"Let's go"

"Hey, tengok la dulu. Bie tau sayang suka pink"
He said with his sarcastic smile.
I pinched his arm.

Haha!'s karma u know. Dulu, kata 'tak suka..tak suka'. Now, macam 'meludah ke langit'. Hehe! Yeah, i like pink. Not shocking pink. Just pink. Lovely pink. It seems light pink. Tapi saya belum tahap nak barang semua pink. Like, pink shirt, pink shoes, pinky lappy, handphone yang pinky bling-bling, bilik pink, katil pink, cadar pink.. Huh! Itu pscycho-path-pink. Every single things nak pink. (yeah, i am according to my busterd musterd enemy).

She is so pscycho-path-pink. Semua nak pink. She has told us, pink were the sweetest coloured for the sweetest person. Fuck. U make me so pisses off, jerk! She's so ugly when she's in pink. Sorry girl! I have to told u so. I saw u at KFC Pertama. If u were in pink shirt, it's ok to me. But, u were in black shirt and pink pants! Did u know how was so ugly u are? Pink pants! Shocking pink pants! Yew..u looks so0o heart-breakingly like minah indo.

I just giggle when i saw u. Khairul? He won't giggle at u bcoz ur boyfriend besides u was his friend. I don't care. I want giggle and giggle and keep giggle to u. Haha! Truly, u look so awkward in ur shocking pink pants. (o_0)

By the way, u are not my friend anymore. I hate ur big mouth. I'm not insulting u. But, ur 'mulut murai' makes me say 'ah,jalang kau'. I can't forget what u have told us.

"Kitorang pandai, sebab tu masuk U. Korang bodoh, sebab tu tak masuk U!!"

"Hello girl! Kalau u setakat masuk UiTM, don't be so0o arrogant! Setakat bersaing dengan budak-buak Melayu aje, we all tak heran. We all lagi kena fight belaja dengan non-melayu. Kau habis belajar pun, kau takkan direct dapat buat degree pun unless u have super duper pointer! Muka kau..bila kena fight belajar dengan budak-budak cina, kau da toye. Loser!"

I'm yelling to her. Serve ur right! She's blushing.

"U are loser pinky girl!!" just adding some spice. Biar dia berapi.

I saw her sad eyes. I don't care. Siapa suruh kau kacau aku. Siapa suruh kau sakitkan hati aku. Siapa suruh kau cari pasal dengan aku. woman win! Gladly, i never saw her again nowadays. I've no idea where she is now. Maybe she's shy or embarassed.. Pity her. But, just like i say early, serve ur right!

I wish, when on my wedding day, she won't come. But, her boyfriend was my bie's friend. Never mind. Tak payah ambil pusing pun. Let her.

Conclusion is, i like pink but i am not pschyco-path-pink like her! I am so angry when Khairul makes similarly between me and her when i holding pink stuff..

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