Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Doing This For My Sake Everyday

Normal things that i always do before started doing work:

1. Having eyeliner and mascara for my eyelashes.

2. Pin my head scarf. (i don't know what the meaning of 'tudung' in english so i just said 'head scarf' - it's seems)

3. Pick-up my phone and called my dear love and told him that i already at my office.

4. Take out my bread from my cute box and start to having my breakfast.

5. Having some milk also adding some oat. I hate milk but i must drink it. For my sake health.

6. Checking my corporate email..

7. Facebook...

8. Put several hand cream. I have dry skin. So, must put that.

9. Start work...work...work.. until 5.00 o'clock.

That's my routine! Kindly bored..and i am doing that every day...


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