Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello guys and hello girls..

People, i would like to say APOLOGIZE because i still haven't uploaded any photos about my sister's wedding and those activity that i'd did during my cuti sempena kakak kahwin kat kampung, here. Why do i still haven't do that?

First, i doesn't know a simpliest thing and people would think "oh, stupid-nye kau tak reti buat ni" which aku tak reti installed cd for camera aku kat laptop! Kalau nak cucuk USB camera, kena installed dia punye installer disk kan?? Ok, aku tak tau and i scared if tiba-tiba laptop aku hang or stuck or corrupt or gagagagag...!!

Ok, dah hilang gagap.

Second, i don't have yet a card reader. And, i doesn't know which mine is small one or the big one. So yeah, aku difahamkan ada dua jenis memory card which is yang kecik or yang besaaaarrr and aku tak tau aku punya yang kecik or yang besaaaarrrr..


So, i need someone who very helpful to help me macam mana nak adjust benda alah ni.

Halahai..buta IT betol. But, i've own blog and facebook even an email! 

Sebenarnya, aku tak lah really really buta IT tapi the actual thing is aku really really buta computer network. Aku tak reti installed printer, tak reti setup computer, tak reti etc etc. Aku tau pakai, guna, godek. Ok, tu aje.

Well, today i've been so busy. Hoo wait, kau tipu. Kau sempat update blog so kau memang not so-called very busy lah kan. By the way, aku ada listening exam petang karang and i need digging my ear! Bagi clear sket dengar tuh. Banyak noo taik telinga kuning-kuning.

Wish me luck! Bye

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fendy said...

gud luck ok. :)