Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadhan El-Mubarak

Ramadhan is back. Thanks to Allah for my longevity to see me with this blessed month. Fasting for the third year without my mom. It's became my tradition to visit the grave before starting the first day of Ramadhan. Glassy, faces, and sad when i think about those who are not in this world anymore. Last saturday, alhamdulillah, i could visited the grave even though unable to visited the day before the first day of Ramadhan (first ramadhan is supposed on wednesday, i guess)...

Somebody is leaving... Hooray!!

So, the main point here, i want to say HAPPY RAMADHAN to all muslims and don't try to deliberately to not fasting!! Love your parents. Treat them with love as long as they've in this world and you shouldn't forget them when they are no longer in this world.

-Salam Mubarak-

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