Monday, January 2, 2012

Time For The Holidays Are Over!

Assalamualaikum people! :)

After have a break time for a week, i've to get back to work tomorrow and have to attend all part time classes at UiTM Shah Alam as well. And yeah, i've to do two things to makes my life goes great! No seriously, it's very tiring..

New year never gave me a new things..but, new days always gave me a new things. Every time when New Year is coming, only the numbers of years had changed. The numbers had different! But it's still same. It's just another day. I means, another day were coming.. Only the year is become different. I'm still doing a same work and same job. But 'a day', gave me to doing different things. For example, I'm still work as a government servant but everyday I am doing a different things anyway. A new memos and a new letters about a new matters..typing new minutes of meetings..a new orders..and a new events!

Well, talks so much will not bringing any good things..

Whatever it is, i have to get back to work tomorrow.. This is really not cool.. Sooo depressing!

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